Easy Double Exposure Photo in Photoshop

Let’s get started!


Step One:

Open your photo of choice. I would recommend a photo on a white or very light background. This is a lovely photo that I took of the Eiffel Tower about 15 years ago.


Step Two:

Place your second photo on a new layer. I recommend a colorful, textured photo like these flowers.


Step Three:

Select this layer and change it to Screen.



Step Four:

Create a clipping mask. And use the brush tool on the clipping mask to expose the image below.


Step Five:

Create a third layer and use the gradient tool to place a colored gradient.


Step Six:

Change this layer to Overlay. Right next to Overlay is the Opacity. You can turn this down around 50%.

You are done! Let me know if this was helpful and share your multiple exposure photos!