I Was Once A World Traveler…

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I feel like writing a little more about me. I once considered myself a world traveler. That was long before the two beautiful little boys were born. Since my boys have been born they have filled up my time (not to mention they take a lot of my income, parent lol.) I certainly don’t regret having them at all, but I live a different lifestyle now than I did in my late teens and early 20s.

But enough of who I am now. I’ll write about that later. Let’s talk about where I’ve been cause it makes me happy.

2001 – Venezuela on a short mission trip.

2002 – Europe tour with my high school: France, Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

2004 – Cambodia (with short stop overs in Taiwan and Thailand) for a short mission trip with my church group.

2005 – Israel (and Canada on the way back) on an archaeology dig for 3 weeks for school credit, JKs I did it for the experience, but the college credit was nice.

2005-06 – Micronesia (a very short stop in The Marshall Islands) for a 10 month teaching experience of 22 third graders!

2009 – Greece & Germany for my honeymoon.

So that’s 14 countries, give or take, depending on how you count some layovers.

I feel like world traveling opened my eyes to so many things that I would never have known just staying in my home state. I hope that one day when my boys are older I can introduce them to the awesome world through travel!

Leave a comment if you are interested in hearing any of my travel stories!