July Blog Challenge 2017

Politics, Shirt Design, and Snow: Blog Challenge Day 6 & 7


Day Six

What would I protest?

I threw this one in the Blog Challenge because I think it’s important to talk about deep topics.

I have never actually attended a protest of any kind. My excuse is that I have two very young kids and no babysitters. I also live in the middle of Georgia where there are no protests taking place. I think that a fair number of people in this very red state all agree with the state of our nation. 🙁 I feel politically lonely here.

What I have done to make my unpopular opinions known, especially after the most recent presidential elections, is make t-shirts. This was very empowering for me because, for awhile, I thought that my voice could not be heard. Well, now I wear my t-shirts out and people stop me in the stores and ask me where I got them. It’s something.


Day Seven

Winter or Summer?

At this point I would choose winter! I’ve lived in the middle of Georgia for a few years and we’ve had NO SNOW. But to be fair to the winter weather, we’ve also had NO WINTER! It gets chilly in the evenings during the “winter months” but that’s about it. I’m ready to build a snowman or at least wear some cute boots and scarves!