Ruby Red Minecraft Sword

This is How To Make A Minecraft Sword with photo! I apologize that these photos were taken with my phone. Sometimes it’s too difficult to set up the real camera with two toddlers running around. So, here we go. Some simple instructions to creating your very own Minecraft too.

First I would start by either playing the game or searching images on Google for different Minecraft tools and choose one that you love (or in my case I chose one that a client ordered on my Etsy page.)


1. Buy a lot of 1/2 inch wooden blocks. I recommend this Etsy store: iUsedToBeATree
2. Count out how many you need. I believe the final count was 68 blocks for a sword.
3. Paint two sides (front and back) of each block the color that you chose. I chose red so I needed 5 colors: red, dark red, brown, yellow brown, and pink. Use acrylic paint because it dries fast. Let the blocks dry on a non-painted side before the next step.


4. Use a toothpick to carefully put a tiny bit of wood glue on one or two unpainted sides. It depends on where the block goes.
5. Place the block.
6. If glue seeps out like this (or worse) use a damp papertowel to wipe it off.
7. Lay the tool on a flat surface for the glue to dry. You may notice that I use parchment paper for cooking because it won’t stick to that (or get my table gluey.)
8. Paint the edges. I used a dark red to match the blocks. And you are done!