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The Truth About Awiti: it will haunt you


I recently wrote a blog post, Uncovering Racism, about book cover design where I challenged you all to pick out your next book with a black person on the cover and it to be a story about a black person. Here’s one that immediately jumped out at me. The cover design is beautiful. And I’m not sorry at all that I picked this one at random.

The Truth About Awiti is a book that will haunt you. I’m going to give this book 5 out of 5 stars without finishing it. That’s right, I’m about a 3rd of the way through and I already recommend it.

“I try to be fair to my characters. With my research and their experiences. I owe it to them to be as accurate as possible when writing historical fiction. The character is fiction but the history – it’s real.” – CP Patrick.

That’s exactly what this book is. It’s a historical account of what happened during the slave trade era. There are some supernatural/fantasy elements added to the story which add to the story like how Chronicles of Narnia used a fantastical story to help us understand an idea that is so great and so extreme that we would normally not be able to wrap our little minds around.

I often hear Christians talk about how slaves weren’t treated very poorly, or that the slaves were better off because they came from a savage land, or that the slave owners just didn’t know that slave owning was wrong so it doesn’t count… You will never be able to listen to those oh so lame excuses after reading this book. You will never again be able to talk about the slave trade in any terms other than how horrible it was.

Amazon reviews have people saying:

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A combination of stories based on the historical record and spiritual/fantasy. Entertains, educates, and stimulates. Thoroughly original and nicely relates the African and American parts of slavery and its legacy.” Anonymous.

“Brilliant riveting book. Just couldn’t put it down and am recommending it to everyone I know.” Joel Sarfati.

“Awiti made me feel justified in my anger, yet i wanted and needed so desperately to be free of the hold that anger from injustice can do to a spirit. She weaved in and out of that book like champion for truth. She put us on her back and fought through the lies and created havoc for crimes that have and still go unpunished. I loved and felt for her so much. I would love to see this on the big screen. This book is not your usual slave narrative. It is creative, spellbinding and beautifully written.” Daniel Cooper.

I could go on and on there were so many good reviews. Put this one on your reading list!