Tips for Great Bulletin Design! And a FREE BULLETIN DESIGN

As a pastor’s wife I’ve had the privilege of seeing many different church bulletins. But as a graphic designer this has frequently been a negative experience.

Bulletin design is one way your church represents itself to your members and your community. What kind of message are you sending? One of confusion and spelling errors? Or something refreshing and full of useful information?

There are two categories that I would focus on: the information and how does that information look?

Here’s my list of tips for great bulletin design.

Keep it simple! Most bulletins are so stuffed full of information that you can’t read it all. Give your eyes some room to breath with spacious margins around different sections of information.

Have at least TWO PEOPLE proofread. How often do we see mistakes in church bulletins? All the time!

Avoid church jargon and abbreviations. This is important for people new to your church. Going to a new place can be nerve racking so we want to make that experience less confusing.

Make sure it’s visitor friendly. Are the classroom locations listed? As a parent, I want to know where my kids classrooms are located. Or adults like to know which class options they have.

Have a welcome message for new people. Here’s a fun example.

Keep announcements short and to the point. Oh my! I’ve seen the announcement section get way out of hand in most church bulletins. Use your email list, website and social media sites to keep people updated with announcements. You don’t have to print every last thing in the bulletin.

Don’t use crazy fonts. Most people don’t know what they are doing with fonts, so it’s best to avoid anything wiggly and scripty. It will just make your design look unprofessional.

Don’t box everything in. Information doesn’t need to be corralled into little pens. Use a bold font for the beginning of a category. This helps separate the sections without having to draw boxes around them.

Learn how to use tabs in Word. Nothing looks worse than columns of information wiggling all over the page.

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