WWJD? Heart (A t-shirt design)

Hello again.

So several months ago I was looking for a shirt that shared this message in the image above. I looked for awhile and I didn’t find a shirt design that said exactly what I wanted it to say so I created this one. I’ve been stopped by people almost every time I wear this shirt and they ask me where I got it because they love it. 🙂 I’m so thrilled that this message appeals to a lot of people that I’ve met. (I understand that this isn’t going to appeal to some people, sadly.) I am sad that a lot of groups of people are not feeling the love of God today and I would like people to know that there are people that care about them. I have never been a very political person but recently I felt the need to stand up in an obvious way for the things that I believe.

If you love this shirt as much as I do you can buy them at my RedBubble shop. If you’d like a 4 by 3 inch sticker I’ll send you one for free to the first 5 people who comment below!