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book illustration and cover

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book cover

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coloring book illustration and cover design

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coloring book illustration and interior design

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Novel cover design and interior

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Newsletter/Magazine covers and interiors

Have you written a book?

I would love to make your writing dreams come true and help you see your book on the shelves! I have experience designing book covers and interiors.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

He Cares for You

I am very excited to announce that my first book is available!

He Cares for You is a devotional/coloring book designed to help us mediate on God's words and creation.

I have a passion for nature and art and this project has brought those two interests together!


There are more than 30 original and very detailed nature illustrations contained in this coloring book.

He Cares For You PROMO A2.jpg
He Cares For You PROMO A.jpg
He Cares For You PROMO A3.jpg
Book promo FINALY HERE.jpg
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